On-Page SEO

On Page SEO Techniques & Onsite SEO Methods


There are three main areas to work on in order to achieve authority for your website within the search engines, in this section, we will talk about two of those areas related to working on the actual website. We refer to this as onsite SEO. The other area will be talked about in another section of our site aptly named Offsite SEO Methods.

The two important aspects that you have to be focused on when working on your website to gain more exposure, are the actual website being coded and structured in a search engine friendly way and making sure you have a content rich site, filled with unique, interesting and educational information. You have to make a website that clearly is showing the search engines what it wants to be found for and you have to highlight to the search engine spiders which pages are the most important and the ones you want to be found. This can all be done with a well thought out strategy and a website that is built with SEO in mind – So many people make the mistake of placing so much attention on the look of their website that they forget to ensure that they can be found for the important keywords within their respective industries.


Advanced Onsite SEO


When talking about how an actual website is coded and structured in terms of SEO, what we are looking for are issues within a website that will raise concerns for the search engines. If this happens you will struggle to rank well organically as it is the search engines job to place the most trusted, relevant listings on the first page for any given search term. These issues can arise for many reasons, from broken links to duplicate pages. We at Organic SEO Specialists will scrutinise each of our clients’ websites right from the start of any campaign in order to make sure that we begin as we mean to go on and get our clients dominating rankings for their chosen keywords. We will have one of our in-house experts perform a number of checks, and make sure that your website is well respected by Google and the other major search engines. Once the onsite investigation is complete we will supply you with a full report on the findings so hopefully, you learn a little along the way and understand what we are doing. When this onsite check is complete you will then be ready for the next stage – Content optimisation and development.

Content is becoming more and more important, especially in the eyes of Google, it is so important to make your website as informative and useful as you can, and keep it unique, you do not want to show the search engines that you are stealing information from other sources and trying to palm it off as your own. When creating the content for each page of your site you need to write it bearing in mind that you want to show the engines clearly what you want each page to be found for, so try to keep each subject of your business, product or service on separate pages. You do not want to confuse Google or others – they need to be shown clearly what each page is there for, and how they should rank each page. If they cannot clearly see this, it will result in you not being given the authority you need to succeed. At Organic SEO Specialists have got what it takes to ensure your content is optimised to its full potential and you will have your important pages at the front of the search engine rankings. We will have our UK in-house SEO copywriters working with you to develop your content and working on ways to have the site updated regularly with more content. We can also work on creating a profile for you through social networking media and this will be talked about in more depth on our Offsite SEO Methods page.